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5/Coffee song

Autrice / compositrice : Baboucan
Arrangements / Record / Mix & Master : Nicolas Maumont pour Maison Dieu

I take my coffee as black as the night
To let her slowly run out of my veins
I take my coffee as black as my shadow
To let the light illuminate my soul

And zip after zip i awake
My mind comes back slowly slowy to my body
And i’m ready to face the world

I don’t take sugar in my coffee, ‘Cause i’m sweet enough
But mind your heart Ô my sweet little baby
‘Cause i can’t let you touch,
Nor grab Nor feel Nor face
The moves of my shivering soul

So I take my coffee as black as the night
Where you’ll be drown and find no way back,
I’lltake my coffee as black my shadows
Cryin’ acid tears ’cause i got nowhere to go

I’ll panic, This coffee is driving me too crazy
Maybe i’ll change for a sweet cup of tea

And we’ll take our tea as black as the night
to hug each other in the sweet moonlight
And we’ll hide in the blankets where it’s as black as shadows,
To cuddle untill it’s time, time to go.

matin sans lune et tachycardie.
Des grillons qui siflotent, la jungle qui bruisse.
Ca doit être mon cinquième café alors j’écris.
Une gratouille de ukulélé plus tard et voilà ce qui en est sorti

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