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2/The man without shadow

Autrice / compositrice : Baboucan
Arrangements / Record / Mix & Master : Nicolas Maumont pour Maison Dieu

There’s a man who goes out only at night, exploring and looking around
Watching people while they’re asleep and wondering why,
Why is he the only man on earth hunting his own shadow?

And he’s turning turning , like he has no soul
Looking, searching like a crazy owl
Screaming, yelling : “my Love, where did you go?”
She won’t come back,she’s far below

She escaped a thousand years ago, seduced by the moon’s shadow
Dissolving herself in the sweet light, of the shining stars
Tired of following, all the steps of the man

And she’s dancing, running, with all her soul
jumping, laughing, adventurefull, always looking for a new place to go,
but she won’t come back, she’s far below

One day, one day though
She crossed the man, she lefted a thousand years ago
He begged her “Please, let me follow, she said “ok but I got to go”
And nowadays you can see her, followed by her new shadow

And they’re bouncing living with all their soul
Cruisin’ exploring life is delightfull
Always looking for a new place to go
No they won’t come back, they’re far below…

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